Let Your Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner Answer When The IRS Comes Calling

Let Your Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner Answer When The IRS Comes Calling
Let Your Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner Answer When The IRS Comes Calling

The beginning thought of T.S Eliot’s masterwork “The Wasteland” states that “April is the cruelest month,” and while his poem deals with themes far more universal than tax time in the US, millions of American taxpayers can only nod their heads in agreement at its opening words. But those taxpayers for whom April has added insult to injury in the form of an IRS , a Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner can be a longed-for ally. Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioners include Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and IRS Enrolled Agents.

Having to interact with the IRS can be very intimidating for most average taxpayers. And taxpayers who try to deal with IRS on their own may find themselves completely immersed in legal speak which they do not understand, and agreeing to things contrary to their own best interests.

By enlisting the help of a Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner, you as a beleaguered taxpayer can have someone speaking the same language as the authorities and interpreting what they are saying in easy-to-comprehend terms. A Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner will also be able to help you dial down the stress level a few notches by letting you know what your options are.

When To Call A Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner

If for some reason you find yourself in the position of being in debt to the Internal Revenue Service, and thousands upon thousands of taxpayers are, you should not waste another minute before contacting a Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner.

A Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner can address your tax issues regardless of their nature, from the failure to file, to audits, to property seizures and liens, to wage garnishment.

Do I Really Need Help?

In a word: yes. The IRS is interested in only one thing: getting what you legitimately owe, along with whatever penalties and interest they added to your liabilities. A Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner can negotiate the best possible terms for you, and that can mean a potential reduction in the amount you owe, and is the best way of protecting your interests.

All the effort you have put into building a life for you and your loved ones can be wiped out with a single IRS decision, and you need someone who talks the IRS’ language to speak for you.

If you have the IRS coming after you, the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic – Low Income Taxpayer Clinic can consult with you to provide advice regarding your IRS tax issues, and/or potentially act on your behalf for FREE if you qualify for assistance (come to a clinic intake session)!


Jim Floyd is the Staff Enrolled Agent at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic – Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

As an Enrolled Agent, Jim is a federally-licensed tax practitioner with unlimited rights to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. This means he is unrestricted as to which taxpayers he can represent, what types of tax matters he can handle, and which IRS offices he can represent clients before. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards.

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